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Biosafety station

Labconco, Pchane, Trox Technik,
Manipulation cabin Labconco
Manipulation cabin Labconco

Machine code: 140-624

Brand: Labconco

Glove box.

Brand: Labconco.

Model: 5062020.

With exhaust system.

With two integrated cabinets for handling with gloves.

Isolated side entry for handling.

With stainless steel interior....
Chemical and environmental clinical laboratory analytical laboratory
Chemical and environmental clinical laboratory analytical laboratory

Machine code: 083-022

Brand: Agilent HP, CEM, Labconco, Mettler Toledo, Millipore, PerkinElmer, Phenomenex, Spectrum One, Toledo, Vankel

Laboratory analytical, pharmaceutical, clinical, chemical, and environmental.

Equipment in excellent condition.

Manufacturers of reference.

Description of analytical equipment and accessories.

- Microwave oven for calcination.

Brand: C...
Laminar flow cabin Trox Technik
Laminar flow cabin Trox Technik

Machine code: 231-620

Brand: Trox Technik

Laminar flow cabin.

Brand name: Trox Technik.

Interior of the equipment in stainless steel.

Series: FLH....
Biological safety booth Trox Technik
Biological safety booth Trox Technik

Machine code: 251-782

Brand: Trox Technik

Biological security cabin.

Brand name: Trox Technik.

Class: 2BII TFL B2....
Equipment for chemical and microbiological analysis laboratory
Equipment for chemical and microbiological analysis laboratory

Machine code: 788-006

Brand: Pchane, Phoenix, Quimis

Microprocessor controlled Greenhouse and Bacteriology.
Brand: Quimis.
Model: Q316M4.

microprocessor and Bacteriology culture Greenhouse.
Brand: Quimis.
Model: Q316M2.

vertical Autoclave.
Brand: Phoenix Luterco.
Model: AV.
Machines for veterinary products
Machines for veterinary products

Machine code: 084-306

Brand: Trox Technik

-Pharmaceutical process tank, capacity 400 l and powered with voltage 220v 3-phase (Pentec industrial ltda) new and unused;
-pump to the tank (Sx 05, 0 33cv Sanimax of Brazil's Bomax) new and unused;
-Filling with mat and 8 nozzles seminova semi-...
Laminar Flow module
Laminar Flow module

Machine code: 064-005

Unidirectional Laminar Flow module. Indicated for protection of processes or people where maximum protection to products or sterile products filling pacienteLinhas, covering filling machines of soros, ophthalmic solutions, intravenous mixtures and va...
Complete Laboratory equipment
Complete Laboratory equipment

Machine code: 014-082

Brand: Fanem, Phoenix, Recil

-Greenhouse culture, 002 Model CB at Fanem-drying kiln and sterilization, 315 model if at fanem
immersion Photometer-100 model Fanen Bath, 1 Fanen centrifuge model, baby
excelsa-vacuum pump
-cold Chamber, Recil brand, stainless finish 1.80 1...

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