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Cristália, Delta Tec, Fabrima, Filizola, Ishida, JCV Maq, Masipack, Micheletti, Ramsey, Toledo,
Fixed scale 500 kg carbon steel
Fixed scale 500 kg carbon steel

Machine code: 160-171

Brand: Toledo

Fixed scale 500 kg carbon steel....
Fact Checker/weight Scale Delta Tec check precision pneumatics
Fact Checker/weight Scale Delta Tec check precision pneumatics

Machine code: 637-778

Brand: Delta Tec

Delta scale Tec, pneumatic, checkprecision.
Weigh up to 1 kg.
Weight of 1 gram in 1 gram.
Nominal weight 0.500 kg.
This with manual....
Scale filizola
Scale filizola

Machine code: 163-702

Brand: Filizola

Scale filizola
maximum Capacity 60 kg and a minimum 250 g ...
3 Scales Filizola
3 Scales Filizola

Machine code: 603-615

Brand: Filizola

3 trademark Filizola Scales.

Big Red Filizola-up to 2 kg
little Red Filizola-up to 200 grams
large Yellow-Filizola-to 850 grams...
Multi head wrapping machine Fabrima
Multi head wrapping machine Fabrima

Machine code: 122-044

Brand: Fabrima, Masipack

Multi head packer.

Brand Name: Fabrima.

With 14 scales.

Model BCM 164.

Year of manufacture 1991.
Baler and sack bag sewing machine
Baler and sack bag sewing machine

Machine code: 035-021

Sewing machine.


Motorized saw....
Vacuum/Weighing with scales in stainless steel
Vacuum/Weighing with scales in stainless steel

Machine code: 207-710

Brand: JCV Maq

2 rotating pneumatic Sealers.
Brand: JCV Maq.
Model: JC 750.
100% digital Panel, temperature control, sensor, press-time,
waiting time, production counter and speed adjustment.
Welding system with pneumatic locking wheel, heating resistors ...
Masipack scale 10 Heads
Masipack scale 10 Heads

Machine code: 408-810

Brand: Masipack

Masipack scale k12k * 10 * Heads Model MX-CP10
Complete industry for rice production
Complete industry for rice production

Machine code: 258-270

Brand: Atlas Copco, Indumak, Lucato, Sangati Berga, Sanmak, Satake, Schulz, Sifer, Suncue, Suzuki, Tecnotok, Toledo, Water Polish

Complete industry of 4 tons per hour, and can be rolled back to 7-8 tons per hour with the installation of a sailor and a Trieur.

comprised of. 01-Rotary Sifer (pulls a straw) Chinese to 48 tons per hour.
01-grain cleaning to 12 tonnes per hour...
Precision scale filizola
Precision scale filizola

Machine code: 610-630

Brand: Filizola

Precision scale filizola
BP15 Model until 15 kg
minimum Capacity 125 g...
Vertical scale multi head
Vertical scale multi head

Machine code: 753-774

Brand: Masipack

Vertical scale multi head with Scale 10 Masipack model MX-CP10 brand...
Scale sorter Ramsey
Scale sorter Ramsey

Machine code: 210-220

Brand: Ramsey

Scale-chegadora mark Ramsey sorter high check k12k * 4000 *...
Cristália Scales
Cristália Scales

Machine code: 040-600

Brand: Cristália

Cristália automation system Scales industrial LTDA  ...
For plastic extrusion line
For plastic extrusion line

Machine code: 872-848

Brand: Micheletti, Sagec

Components: WEG

Coach: Cousin mill
B500 Weg 30 Engine HP

electric Panel Fabrication: 02/2005
capacity: approx. 1000 kg/h

Ribbon Blender model: MW 02V
: 07/2011
capacity: 400 liters-200 kg
220 volt Motor-04 CV

Silos, Mixers (heated) ...
New parts for machines and equipment
New parts for machines and equipment

Machine code: 660-062

Brand: Alfa Laval, Bosch, Brasilpack, Canpac, Carle & Montanari, Cavanna, Hyster, Ishida, Kuka Roboter, Netzsch, Serac, SPX, Tetra Pak, Tetralon, Theegarten Pactec, Toledo

Components: Acma, Allen-Bradley, Balived, Buchholz, Habasit, Honeywell, Ksb, Ms Molas Sampaio, Optimas, Pall, Rockwell, Schunk, Siemens, Soudronic, Tsubaki, Urschel, Weishaupt

Disconnecting Switch 3P Switch 750 V 63 A
Disconnecting Switch 3P Switch 400 V 25 A
Card Allen Bradley Pn 20A-DG01
Current Tetra Pak Pn 318213-0080
Tetra Pak roller Pn 2940232-0000
The ring Epdm 70 Sha 16x4 Mm
Keyway Brasilpack Fromm Pn N2-3307...

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